Our Origins:

In 2017, one of Saskatoon City Council’s Ten Strategic Directions involved Community Safety and Wellbeing. Concurrently, the Saskatoon Police Commission has long supported an integrated focus on expansion of stabilization services through the Action Accord. Together, they asked:

  • How does our community respond to the needs of all citizens to have a sense of safety and connectedness?

  • Can our community connect and integrate our efforts and achieve better results?

  • Can we build on the work of several previous groups to improve collaboration and action towards a vision of a safe and vibrant community for all citizens?

In other words, “Can We Do Better?”

Our Principles:

Based on meetings with 34 individuals, from 28 Saskatoon agencies, followed up with a meeting attended by 41 representatives, it was agreed the principles of the Safe Community Action Alliance are to be:

  • Reconciliation needs to be a common thread in all aspects of the process.

  • The process must address immediate issues as well as long term / systemic issues.

  • Process efficiency is key, meaning fewer meetings and more results.

  • The agenda and its actions must be evidence based.

  • Advocacy on identified priorities is vital.

  • Information sharing is an underpinning of the process.

  • SCAA is to be integrated, based on information sharing, with an action agenda based on the facts, and it must be strategic.