Safe Community Action Alliance to release strategic actions on crystal meth on November 21, 2019

Read more about the SCAA here. We will be speaking with media starting November 21st.

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SCAA’s Crystal Meth Working Group making an impact!

On September 20, members of the SCAA’s Crystal Meth Working Group (CMWG) met with the Safety & Well-Being Partners (CSWB) to present 24 Strategic Actions for addressing Saskatoon’s crystal meth crisis, asking the CSWB to take leadership on 10 of the 24.

The CSWB Partners is a group of senior decision-makers that was formed to support the work of the SCAA as well as each other’s work on issues related to safety & well-being of the whole community. It includes the Mayor, the Chief of Police, the Saskatoon Tribal Chief, the Chief of Fire, as well as senior leaders from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the Central Urban Métis Federation, the UofS, Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology, and Sask Polytech.

3 weeks after the meeting, on October 11, the CSWB Partners held a press conference to endorse the CMWG’s work and announce their plans to take leadership on the Strategic Actions, starting with these four:

1. Establish a drug court in Saskatoon
2. Create crystal meth and fentanyl-specific treatment options
3. Create more 24/7 safe places for youth
4. Establish a more coordinated system of outreach services

This past Tuesday, less than a week after the press conference, the Minister of Justice announced a drug court will be established in Saskatoon.

Congratulations and thank you to all of the CMWG members who have contributed to this work!