Taking Action

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One-on-one meetings were held with 34 individuals from 28 Saskatoon agencies that deal with issues relating to community safety and well-being. The level of interest throughout all the meetings was a clear indicator of the interest in creating a more cohesive and unified community approach. This was followed by a confirmation meeting attended by 41 of the groups’ representatives.

All of the groups met again to refine the SCAA mandate, identify priorities and identify the priority issues that a co-ordinated approach should address first.

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SCAA defined its top two priorities – dealing with the escalating crystal meth issue and determining strategies to increase the level of housing options available to those in need of specific facilities and services.

The Partnership Group, to operate in support of the SCAA group, met and formed a structure that will provide needed assistance on initiatives designed by SCAA to deal with crystal meth and housing options issues.

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Actions were launched on the crystal meth issue (training program for staff safety and a detailed service access mapping process) and on the housing availability issue (evaluating managed alcohol programs and supporting the renters' education program).