"Housing people with dignity and access to the resources they need to start along their recovery path."

December 12, 2016

The Saskatoon Action Accord reports, for the fifth consecutive year, on the results of initiatives designed to provide care for some of Saskatoon's most vulnerable citizens. In the course of the past five years, gains have been achieved through the concentrated and co-operative effort on the part of a number of Saskatoon agencies. 

While those efforts have increased, and concurrently became more effective as the groups achieved integration of programming, they still could not keep pace with the run up in demand. Activity in stabilization facilities is at the highest level in the city's history, creating real pressure on the system. The statistics show that clearly.

The Action Accord is an advocate for increased access to facilities and services where those who need "resources and referrals" can find them in order to help with moving on, and ahead, with their lives. To that end, the Action Accord partners - Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners, Saskatoon Tribal Council, Saskatoon Health Region, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and Saskatoon Police Service - continuously advocate for the required level of services, and regular monitor progress toward this important goal.

Our Charter

The Action Accord agreed, from the outset on its Mission, its Mandate and the results it wanted to achieve.

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When the Action Accord reports to the public, it focuses on concrete results and measured outcomes.

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