Summary of “Stabilization Issues” in Saskatoon

The Saskatoon Action Accord has, for the past four years, measured the impact of initiatives that were designed to provide enhanced care for people in detention because of intoxication. This annual "report card" and resulting "call for action" has been communicated to key senior government leaders including members of the provincial and federal Cabinets, Saskatoon MLA's and MP's, and senior administrators in relevant provincial and federal government departments. 

The key messages that accompanied the statistical analysis were:

  • The gains that have been achieved over the four years are the result of concentrated and co-operative effort on the part of a number of Saskatoon agencies.
  • Even this degree of effort has been outpaced by doubling of use of these stabilization facilities in just three years.
  • It is highly doubtful that small or merely incremental increases in resources will address the issue, given the rapid (28% per annum compounded) escalation in use.

The Action Accord remains committed to reporting back on progress and results to its partners and constituent base.

Find the report here.