The Safe Community Action Alliance signifies the intent and commitment of Saskatoon’s community agencies and organizations, Saskatoon City Council, government representatives and local business interests to work together to create changes and solutions that work towards achieving safety and wellbeing for all citizens in Saskatoon.  

Recognizing that:

  • Whereas all citizens of Saskatoon have the right to life, dignity safety, security of person and fundamental justice;

  • Whereas Saskatoon has a strong network of community based organizations and agencies responding to citizen’s needs;

  • Whereas the incidence of crime and the presence of substance abuse/addiction-related disturbances has been a challenge to all;

  • Whereas the root causes of such challenges are complex and solutions can only be found with collective effort;

  • Whereas services and programs need to be aligned, responsive and coordinated to provide immediate care and service and to create an opportunity to link with the longer term process of addressing systemic issues; and

  • Whereas Saskatoon City Council has adopted a strategic plan that includes specific direction for moving towards safety and wellbeing for all

SCAA will support the principles of:

  • Collaboration amongst all participants

  • Information Sharing as a foundation of decision-making, focusing on short and long term

  • Strategic Actions