Safe Community Action Alliance (SCAA) Coordinator Contract Position

The Safe Community Action Alliance (SCAA) was formed in 2017, as one of Saskatoon City Council’s Strategic Directions involving Community Safety and Wellbeing. Along with the Saskatoon Police Commission, City Council determined to answer the following questions: How does our community respond to the needs of all citizens to have a sense of safety and connectedness? Can our community connect and integrate our efforts and achieve better results? Can we build on the work of several previous groups to improve collaboration and action towards a vision of a safe and vibrant community for all citizens? In other words, “Can we do better?”.

SCAA has evolved from a series of individual meetings to a consortium of 29 Saskatoon groups that are focused on issues that impact community safety and wellbeing. From the outset, all of the SCAA participants agreed a dual focus was essential. On one hand, dealing with short- term, immediate issues that are impacting the community’s safety and wellbeing is paramount to addressing rapidly emerging trends. Concurrently, however, it was recognized that there are longer term, systemic matters that must be tackled or the community will see a continuation of the cycles that hamper its wellbeing.

The Safe Community Action Alliance (SCAA) is presently seeking a contract coordinator for a three-year term to supply all management, administrative and communications services.

Typically, the knowledge and skills required for this contract position would be attained through a degree in Public Relations, Business Administration, Communications or a related field, combined with several years of experience.

The primary responsibilities of the coordinator include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Arrange, co-ordinate and facilitate the anticipated quarterly meetings of the full SCAA group.

  • Arrange for all meeting and facility requirements.

  • Develop all agendas and background materials, including statistical data and sub-group reports, for each SCAA full group meeting.

  • Provide all meeting reports to participants on a timely basis following each quarterly meeting.

  • Arrange, co-ordinate and facilitate the anticipated twice-per-quarter meetings of each of two sub-groups that are in place, or formed, to further discuss and strategize around the top priorities as established by the full SCAA group.

  • Arrange for all meeting and facility requirements for the sub-groups.

  • Develop all agendas and background materials, including statistical data, for each sub-group meeting.

  • Provide all meeting reports to sub-group participants on a timely basis following each meeting.

  • Refine and strategize sub-group meeting issues for the review of the full SCAA group.

  • Refine and strategize SCAA full group decisions into strategic recommendations for the consideration of the Partnership Group.

  • Meet with, provide information to, and advise the Partnership Group and its individual members on strategies and courses of action recommended by the full SCAA group.

  • Assist the Partnership Group with its communications with targeted recipients, and with involvement in meetings that involve the full Partnership Group, some members of the Partnership Group or individuals from the Partnership Group and targeted recipients.

  • Update the SCAA website on an ongoing basis.

  • Provide overall SCAA status reports to the full SCAA group and the Partnership Group at a frequency determined by the Administration Committee, to ensure that all participants are aware of status, challenges and opportunities.

  • Update action register, which records the status of all meetings.

The criteria by which applications will be evaluated center on the following:

  • Experience of the applicant in working with not-for-profit agencies,

  • Experience of the applicant in creating synergies between a large number of not-for-profit agencies in developing, and executing, strategic initiatives.

  • Ability of the applicant to engage senior leaders in the community in assisting SCAA in the successful execution of initiatives defined at present as well as those that will be developed by the full SCAA group in future.

  • Proficiency in effective communications between agencies involved in SCAA, with the sub-groups that are part of the SCAA process, between SCAA and the Partnership Group, and between SCAA and stakeholders.

  • A proven ability to guide SCAA in its communications with the community directly, and through the media.

  • Reasonable proficiency in gathering and reporting statistical information that assists SCAA in the development of its priorities.

  • Strong strategic reporting capabilities combined with a superior ability to engage the SCAA group in defining its action plan.

  • Effective communications ability with the Administration Committee to which the Coordinator will report.

  • The Coordinator’s explicit understanding that ordinary operating costs of SCAA are to be borne by the Coordinator.

To apply:

Please forward a letter of application, a clear statement of the hourly billing rate for you (and any team members if you propose a team to handle the SCAA administration), along with background information on you and/or your company / team to by Friday, November 23, 2018 at 5:00 p.m

For additional information please contact SCAA at

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